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Gator Norns - Me

Mascot Norns - Me
These Gator Norns are uselly
very protective of there eggs.
Watch out for a mother with her egg.
Mascot norns are Norns that
age to adult in a minute and
nevr die from, old age. They are
supose to be the solution to
losing your favorite norn

Hyper Hardmans - Me, Norna, Grendel_Slayer

Rainbow Norns - Me
After the uprising of the
grendels, The hardman population
was droping so the hardmans hid in fear.
They watched the grendels and
learned to mimic their bodys
to look like grendels. After
years of torment the hardmans
had evolved in to the Hyper hardmans.
Now they will fight to get back the
land they lost so long ago.
These Norns change colors
as they age. They are a bit bright so
if you don't like bright
norns don't get them. :)

Orniment Ettins - Grendel_slayer

Orniment Grendels - Grendel_slayer

Misty Norns - Grendel_Slayer

Pond Weed Grendels - Grendel_slayer

Fragle Norns - Grendel_slayer

Mortem grendels - Grendel_slayer