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This is Marco.He is my favorite breed Hardman, Click on him and he'll take you to Docking Station Central Welcome to Creatures DS and Stuff.My first web site *cheers*
You are in my paradise!!Please no Rough housing or Name calling

Lates updates:
6/20/02-I made a new Genome, The Rainbow Norns
6/19/02-I added five new dolls and is working on a update for the hyper hardmans. I'm also making hyper grendels and ettins.
6/12/02-I added a new genetics. The Hyper Hardmans
6/11/02-New Forums gang picture
6/11/02-a New genetics The Macot Norns.
6/10/02-More Dolls. Linzy, Jane, Richy, Ben, and Zack dolls
6/3/02-I have an other agent the Mary Doll!
6/2/02-I finally put up a page for agents! The only agent their is The Marco Doll

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